Take Control Radio: Episode 22–Gut Health

Today I joined Evan Pohl and his amazing team out at Forge-Rx in Winder, GA to discuss gut health!

Some key points:

-Eat a plant-based (doesn’t mean plant *exclusive*) diet with *at least* 25g fiber per day.
-Exercise! But get enough rest.
-Diet and exercise affect the microbiome and explain a large percentage of microbial diversity. Environmental factors also play a major role.
-Just like any supplement, not everyone needs to take a probiotic.

Check it out here, and follow Take Control Radio while you’re there!


Don’t forget: This gut health information will be expanded upon along with MUCH more in Renaissance Periodization’s next e-book, dropping later this summer! Use my code gabrielle10 for 10% off! If you’re interested in coaching, visit the RP website and select my name from the drop down menu. Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments!

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