I did the 1-on-1 coaching with Gabrielle Fundaro  from August to November 2018 and she was awesome! I started with 7 days of base, followed by 3 stages of cutting. I followed the templates she provided me consistently with a few exceptions. I had 4-5 alcoholic drinks which I did my best to compensate for with removing other fats. The final 7-10 days on cut 3 were the most difficult when it came to evening cravings and I had a few extra rice cakes (7g carbs) and Costco’s unsalted mixed nuts to get me through lol. Gabrielle said we can go straight to massing or maintenance for 8 weeks at this point. I’m taking the thanksgiving break to think over my options. Feeling great and much stronger in the gym! Went from 215 to 198 pounds, and 20% to 11.8% body fat.

Kevin M.

This highly-trained female was able to increase her lean mass by nearly three pounds in just two months!
This gentleman was able to increase his lean mass while losing fat mass at almost equal rates!

Body Recomposition

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