Renaissance Periodization provides a wide range of nutrition and training templates, books, and individual coaching! If you would like to work with me as your online nutrition coach for performance, weight management, or general health, please sign up through the Renaissance Periodization website. Be sure to select my name from the dropdown menu.

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As an ACE Certified health coach,  I am also happy to provide Skype or Zoom consults and seminars for individuals or small groups. If you’re looking for a short-term, intensive option to help you meet your goals through motivational interviewing and productive discussion, this is an excellent choice. Please contact me to inquire about rates.

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I am trained and certified in the Monash University Low-FODMAP diet, which is an evidence-based dietary intervention for the reduction of digestive upset associated with certain carbohydrates. I am happy to provide guidance on implementing this process as well as a number of other dietary and lifestyle practices to improve your digestive comfort.