Sunday Morning Science–and Pancakes!

As is usually the case on Sunday morning, my kitchen turned into a secret laboratory while I engaged in pancake experimentation. These evidence-based griddle cakes may promote improved body composition and bone mineral density! If you haven’t heard about Bulk Supplements, you should definitely check them out. Their prices are great, and they are generous … Continue reading Sunday Morning Science–and Pancakes!

Pre-Workout Pancakes!

Apparently, I'm good at making pancakes. I promise, I wasn't trying to mislead any of you in my previous posts about hating recipes or being a terrible baker meant for Pinterest Fails. I just seem to have a knack for throwing a bunch of ingredients together to come up with fluffy, cakey, accidentally gluten-free griddle cakes full of … Continue reading Pre-Workout Pancakes!

More Recipes for People Who Hate Recipes

I wasn't sure how helpful yesterday's post would be, but it looks like it was a hit! I'm so glad to see that I can help others who are similarly commitment-phobic in the kitchen. Did I mention that I'm terrible at baking? Just being honest, here. That said, sometimes I have good days. The benevolent … Continue reading More Recipes for People Who Hate Recipes

Recipes for Other People Who Hate Recipes

When I was 17, my parents thought I might starve or live off of Eggo waffles for the duration of college. I tried to cook a pork chop that year, and ended up with a creole hockey puck. I'm no chef! But, I have been cooking nutrient-dense meals for myself for some time, and I've … Continue reading Recipes for Other People Who Hate Recipes