I was introduced to RP by my daughter last October and by the 3rd week of October she had sold me on the idea!  She had read testimonials of Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro’s clients and told me everyone was having a lot of success with her…so, we signed me up!!  I was 62 years old at this time, had always been super thin with a huge metabolism, but as you age, metabolism slows down and before you know it you’re 20+ pounds overweight and that weight does not want to come off!!  I was already tracking macros and working out 3-4 days a week at the gym, but could not get the weight to budge…so very frustrating!!!  To top everything off, I have had IBS since the age of 18.  I usually had a swollen stomach, felt bad and was just  about ready to give up entirely.  Gabrielle did something no doctor has ever been able to do…she told me how to eat!!!  Some of the things I was eating that I thought would be good for my stomach were actually causing my attacks.  I followed the templates she gave me strictly and not only did my IBS symptoms become non existent, but I was losing weight!  I began losing right off within the first weeks.  My first cut came and the weight came off faster.  I remember when my first cut was over and I had to go on maintenance,  I was so scared that I would just begin to gain again, but nope, my weight held steady…and I was never hungry between meals.  I should probably add that I did this through Thanksgiving and Christmas and did not feel deprived…I did eat some holiday goodies in moderation.  I’m cutting again and working towards the body I want to have.   A younger lady, maybe late 20’s, looked at me at the gym this week and told me that she wished she had my body!!  Say whhhaaattttt?!?!  A much younger girl wishes she had the body of a 63 year old?  I couldn’t believe my ears…what a morale booster that was!!   I’m looking better every week AND my IBS no longer runs my life!!!  Gabrielle knows her stuff and I am so fortunate to have found her!   If you have GI struggles, definitely get in contact with her…she has changed my life!  I feel better than I have ever felt!  I can even eat out at a restaurant with out fear of becoming sick, because I now know how to eat!  Thank you, Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro!!!



Where do I even begin?! Coaching with Gabrielle was my second attempt at doing something like this (first one was a different program and I quit early because I wasn’t dedicated), so I wasn’t new to macros, though this process is a bit different than macro tracking, and it worked much better for me. I was nervous to commit to 12 weeks. I have a pretty active social life, but I realized I’ve been wanting to REALLY do this for years and it was time. From the beginning I was open with people close to me about what I was doing, and to my surprise they understood, or were at least supportive. The meal planning can be daunting at first but after two weeks it became quite simple. I cannot say enough about the positive changes that her coaching had on my life, with both the physical and mental body. Portion control and learning how to make mindful decisions when I haven’t meal prepped are now second nature. One major take-home that I did not expect was that she encouraged me to keep living my life, and you do not need to be 100% perfect to achieve the results you want. I was this person for the first 6 weeks of my 12 week cut (perfect), and I was open with Gabrielle about upcoming events where temptation would be all around (trips, social events, holidays, etc.). She said I could be 100% compliant if I wanted to, but not to feel like I HAD to be. So, I trusted in her and enjoyed myself – I was naughty more than nice particularly in weeks 7-10, and she never made me feel remotely bad or guilty about it, even if I had inflicted those feelings upon myself. I used her as a sounding board to confess what I ate/drank, and she sincerely praised me for having fun and doing things that are normal for me, then supported my getting right back on the wagon. To my surprise, the sudden gain of a few pounds from indulging would drop just as quickly (which she had also assured me of). This is an extremely important lesson for my maintenance now – it’s all about balance and as long as you make good choices most of the time, there’s plenty of room to be human and enjoy life’s many pleasures! Having her support to fall back on during times I felt like I’d ‘failed’ the plan was invaluable, and she was totally right. Weeks 10-12 I finished strong; in 12 weeks I dropped nearly 12 pounds, and I had plenty of fun. I’ve always been active and considered myself ‘healthy,’ but I probably haven’t been at this weight since >10 years ago. It really is all about consistency and while I’ve always known this to some extent, actually doing it in practice with her detailed guidance is the most solid evidence. Also, she responds very quickly and answers ALLLLL the questions. I really got way more out of coaching than I anticipated, totally worth it! I am likely going to continue coaching with her and keep reaching for new goals. I cannot say enough good things about her and RP.

Sam S.




Yes, body recomposition is possible! The scale couldn’t fully reflect this remarkable increase in muscle mass and loss in body fat in just a few months.


I did the 1-on-1 coaching with Gabrielle Fundaro  from August to November 2018 and she was awesome! I started with 7 days of base, followed by 3 stages of cutting. I followed the templates she provided me consistently with a few exceptions. I had 4-5 alcoholic drinks which I did my best to compensate for with removing other fats. The final 7-10 days on cut 3 were the most difficult when it came to evening cravings and I had a few extra rice cakes (7g carbs) and Costco’s unsalted mixed nuts to get me through lol. Gabrielle said we can go straight to massing or maintenance for 8 weeks at this point. I’m taking the thanksgiving break to think over my options. Feeling great and much stronger in the gym! Went from 215 to 198 pounds, and 20% to 11.8% body fat.

Kevin M.


Before I began working with Gabrielle, I thought I had fitness ‘figured out’: I ate what I perceived to be a “balanced diet” (see: low carb, high protein), trained upwards of 2-3 hours daily doing CrossFit, and hoped that my dedication to both would lead me to success. Despite this approach, I never reached my goals: the scale bounced around without measurable changes in my physical appearance, and my body consistently felt wrecked by training. My goals – to feel energized by training while simultaneously obtaining a leaner physique – seemed unattainable.

Enlisting Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro as a coach changed everything. Her credentials as a researcher and educator preceded her: in an era of pseudoscience and social media “experts” touting diets or training that at best are unsubstantiated (and at worst, dangerous), she stood out as a proponent of evidence-based approaches to nutrition and exercise. From our first conversations, her remarkable knowledge base was matched by an amicable demeanor and genuine passion for the health and fitness goals of her clients. It was clear that she comprehensively assesses those she works with to establish measurable steps towards even the loftiest of aspirations (in my case, “to get as ripped as possible”) all while helping her clients modify behaviors that may impede their success.

In my case, we identified that a transition to physique training and bodybuilding would be the best way to obtain success along our 1:1 cut. The changes were measurable, even within the first month: my body no longer hurt, I “felt” the way my body responded to the macros she programmed throughout the day, and the scale began a consistent downward trend. Best of all, I noticed my physique changing in ways I thought were completely unattainable. All the while, Gabrielle was there, tracking my progress and making incremental adjustments when indicated.

At the close of 12 weeks, I found myself down 12 pounds and two pant sizes. Most shockingly of all was the seeming ‘ease’ with which this was achieved: there were no hours of extreme training or cardiovascular exercise, nor was there severe dietary restriction. Instead, these were replaced by an evidence-based, scientifically sound approach to nutrition balance and weight training… plus a hell of a coach who rooted me along the whole way. It is without hesitation and with complete enthusiasm that I recommend working with Dr. Fundaro: you and your fitness goals deserve the best, and she will bring the best to both each and every day.

Alex D.


Gabrielle has taken the guesswork out of my nutrition. She provided me with a structured meal plan with guidelines that are easy to follow and adaptable to eating at home, at restaurants, and when I am traveling. When I had questions about the logic behind the plan, she provided an evidence-based answer that went in depth to the level of detail that I requested.

At the beginning of the cut, I had a back injury that limited my training, but I was still able to drop from about 205lbs to 190lbs in 10 weeks with minimal muscle and strength loss. I recommend her services to those looking to optimize their nutrition.

Vignesh N.

Before I started with Gabrielle, I had no idea what or how much I should be eating to fuel my body. I ate how I was raised, with only a handful of veggie options in sight, and even those were cooked in butter. In working with Gabrielle, I learned what and when to eat, but more than that, I learned how to eat. She helped me navigate family get-togethers and how to pick choices that align with my values, not just what was in front of me. Sometimes, a diet isn’t just about weight loss, it’s also about learning where your food relationship came from and how to change it. Originally, I only wanted to try this for the 3 month coaching plan, but I’m so thrilled with my results and thankful for Gabrielle’s kindness and coaching ability that I extended for 12 months. Here’s to the next year and seeing where this journey goes!

Jennifer C.


I had been suffering from chronic bloating and constipation continuously for about 14 months prior to starting my 1:1 nutritional coaching with Gabrielle. I’ve always been an energetic, happy kind of person but my symptoms quickly changed that. It was very uncomfortable which turned me in to a grumpy hermit, avoiding as many social activities as possible. I didn’t want people seeing me and thinking I was pregnant. Training was becoming very difficult. I have seen many professionals, including, multiple general practitioners, a gastroenterologist, a naturopath and a dietician. Costing me thousands of dollars. I would be holding back tears as each one would tell me the same thing… increase your fibre and water intake and follow a low FODMAP diet, all of which I had done with no success. Name a fibre supplement, stool softener or laxative and I’ve probably tried it. I had just about given up when I came across a podcast featuring Gabrielle and her knowledge on gut health. Once I found that Gabrielle does coaching with RP I instantly starting hunting down her website and haven’t turned back since. I am now four weeks in to my 1:1 with Gabrielle and my symptoms have eased tremendously. A bad day of bloating now is what would have been considered a ‘good’ day before. Sometimes it’s not just about cutting to a certain weight or getting stronger. Sometimes its just about being a happy, healthy you.

Erica W.


“I did 4 months of nutrition coaching with Gabrielle and I could not have been happier with results.

As advised by Gabrielle I took a month of break from dieting prior the start of the coaching as I was getting into that pattern of eating well for some time and then just cheating/binging. This, of course, was getting me nowhere. It was not easy to take this break but it was the right thing to do because I had such a successful cut after the break. I did 11 weeks cut followed by maintenance. I went from 143 lbs to 128 lbs and the body comp changes are amazing. I lost 3 inches from my hips, 5 from my waist and 3 from my thighs. Not only Gabrielle coached me through the nutrition, she also helped me to be kind for myself as I tend to be quite demanding on myself, always looking for perfection and seeing flaws that aren’t really there! I could not recommend Gabrielle more as a coach.”

Anna D.

This highly-trained female was able to increase her lean mass by nearly three pounds in just two months!
This gentleman was able to increase his lean mass while losing fat mass at almost equal rates!

Body Recomposition