Before I began working with Gabrielle, I thought I had fitness ‘figured out’: I ate what I perceived to be a “balanced diet” (see: low carb, high protein), trained upwards of 2-3 hours daily doing CrossFit, and hoped that my dedication to both would lead me to success. Despite this approach, I never reached my goals: the scale bounced around without measurable changes in my physical appearance, and my body consistently felt wrecked by training. My goals – to feel energized by training while simultaneously obtaining a leaner physique – seemed unattainable.

Enlisting Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro as a coach changed everything. Her credentials as a researcher and educator preceded her: in an era of pseudoscience and social media “experts” touting diets or training that at best are unsubstantiated (and at worst, dangerous), she stood out as a proponent of evidence-based approaches to nutrition and exercise. From our first conversations, her remarkable knowledge base was matched by an amicable demeanor and genuine passion for the health and fitness goals of her clients. It was clear that she comprehensively assesses those she works with to establish measurable steps towards even the loftiest of aspirations (in my case, “to get as ripped as possible”) all while helping her clients modify behaviors that may impede their success.

In my case, we identified that a transition to physique training and bodybuilding would be the best way to obtain success along our 1:1 cut. The changes were measurable, even within the first month: my body no longer hurt, I “felt” the way my body responded to the macros she programmed throughout the day, and the scale began a consistent downward trend. Best of all, I noticed my physique changing in ways I thought were completely unattainable. All the while, Gabrielle was there, tracking my progress and making incremental adjustments when indicated.

At the close of 12 weeks, I found myself down 12 pounds and two pant sizes. Most shockingly of all was the seeming ‘ease’ with which this was achieved: there were no hours of extreme training or cardiovascular exercise, nor was there severe dietary restriction. Instead, these were replaced by an evidence-based, scientifically sound approach to nutrition balance and weight training… plus a hell of a coach who rooted me along the whole way. It is without hesitation and with complete enthusiasm that I recommend working with Dr. Fundaro: you and your fitness goals deserve the best, and she will bring the best to both each and every day.

Alex D.