I was referred to Dr. Fundaro by my brother who is using her to prep for a men’s fitness competition. Dr. Fundaro provides sage, no nonsense nutritional coaching and guidance. Her eating plan is extremely detailed and modified as necessary to help me achieve my aesthetic and athletic goals. Since I’ve started working with Dr. Fundaro 3 months ago, I’ve lost a considerable amount of body fat while maintaining my muscle mass and feel like I’m finally on the road to achieving the physique I’ve always desired. Prior to working with Dr. Fundaro, I had tried a number of fad diets thinking I could shortcut my way to my ideal body. After working with her, I’ve come to realize these fad diets should really be called “bad” diets – a diet with a total absence of scientific programming with no methodical approach. With a combination of consistently following her meal plans and her serving also as an accountability partner, in a short 3 months I’ve achieved what I consider amazing and most importantly sustainable results.

Jeremiah J.