Where do I even begin?! Coaching with Gabrielle was my second attempt at doing something like this (first one was a different program and I quit early because I wasn’t dedicated), so I wasn’t new to macros, though this process is a bit different than macro tracking, and it worked much better for me. I was nervous to commit to 12 weeks. I have a pretty active social life, but I realized I’ve been wanting to REALLY do this for years and it was time. From the beginning I was open with people close to me about what I was doing, and to my surprise they understood, or were at least supportive. The meal planning can be daunting at first but after two weeks it became quite simple. I cannot say enough about the positive changes that her coaching had on my life, with both the physical and mental body. Portion control and learning how to make mindful decisions when I haven’t meal prepped are now second nature. One major take-home that I did not expect was that she encouraged me to keep living my life, and you do not need to be 100% perfect to achieve the results you want. I was this person for the first 6 weeks of my 12 week cut (perfect), and I was open with Gabrielle about upcoming events where temptation would be all around (trips, social events, holidays, etc.). She said I could be 100% compliant if I wanted to, but not to feel like I HAD to be. So, I trusted in her and enjoyed myself – I was naughty more than nice particularly in weeks 7-10, and she never made me feel remotely bad or guilty about it, even if I had inflicted those feelings upon myself. I used her as a sounding board to confess what I ate/drank, and she sincerely praised me for having fun and doing things that are normal for me, then supported my getting right back on the wagon. To my surprise, the sudden gain of a few pounds from indulging would drop just as quickly (which she had also assured me of). This is an extremely important lesson for my maintenance now – it’s all about balance and as long as you make good choices most of the time, there’s plenty of room to be human and enjoy life’s many pleasures! Having her support to fall back on during times I felt like I’d ‘failed’ the plan was invaluable, and she was totally right. Weeks 10-12 I finished strong; in 12 weeks I dropped nearly 12 pounds, and I had plenty of fun. I’ve always been active and considered myself ‘healthy,’ but I probably haven’t been at this weight since >10 years ago. It really is all about consistency and while I’ve always known this to some extent, actually doing it in practice with her detailed guidance is the most solid evidence. Also, she responds very quickly and answers ALLLLL the questions. I really got way more out of coaching than I anticipated, totally worth it! I am likely going to continue coaching with her and keep reaching for new goals. I cannot say enough good things about her and RP.

Sam S.