I was introduced to RP by my daughter last October and by the 3rd week of October she had sold me on the idea!  She had read testimonials of Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro’s clients and told me everyone was having a lot of success with her…so, we signed me up!!  I was 62 years old at this time, had always been super thin with a huge metabolism, but as you age, metabolism slows down and before you know it you’re 20+ pounds overweight and that weight does not want to come off!!  I was already tracking macros and working out 3-4 days a week at the gym, but could not get the weight to budge…so very frustrating!!!  To top everything off, I have had IBS since the age of 18.  I usually had a swollen stomach, felt bad and was just  about ready to give up entirely.  Gabrielle did something no doctor has ever been able to do…she told me how to eat!!!  Some of the things I was eating that I thought would be good for my stomach were actually causing my attacks.  I followed the templates she gave me strictly and not only did my IBS symptoms become non existent, but I was losing weight!  I began losing right off within the first weeks.  My first cut came and the weight came off faster.  I remember when my first cut was over and I had to go on maintenance,  I was so scared that I would just begin to gain again, but nope, my weight held steady…and I was never hungry between meals.  I should probably add that I did this through Thanksgiving and Christmas and did not feel deprived…I did eat some holiday goodies in moderation.  I’m cutting again and working towards the body I want to have.   A younger lady, maybe late 20’s, looked at me at the gym this week and told me that she wished she had my body!!  Say whhhaaattttt?!?!  A much younger girl wishes she had the body of a 63 year old?  I couldn’t believe my ears…what a morale booster that was!!   I’m looking better every week AND my IBS no longer runs my life!!!  Gabrielle knows her stuff and I am so fortunate to have found her!   If you have GI struggles, definitely get in contact with her…she has changed my life!  I feel better than I have ever felt!  I can even eat out at a restaurant with out fear of becoming sick, because I now know how to eat!  Thank you, Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro!!!